The ESG themes of sustainability and corporate diligence are becoming increasingly important and are frequently a prerequisite for business relationships. And so in early 2022 the Hennecke GROUP underwent an external ESG audit for the second time. The ESG criteria are divided into three sections:



Commitment to the environment

This category concerns an evaluation of our environmental policy, i.e. the commitments and targets for reducing our ecological footprint. It includes a review of our efforts to protect the environment, for example appropriate and competent handling of hazardous substances, avoiding soil and groundwater contamination, and economical use of materials.

Significant resources can be conserved in many places thanks to diverse polyurethane applications with so many positive attributes. The raw materials used in the process are also a crucial factor. Here the raw material suppliers adopt different approaches, such as bio-based polyols using renewable resources, or recycled content polyols that use a chemical recycling process for making flexible foam products. And the production process itself is also key. By inventing highly efficient high-pressure mixing technology, Hennecke has been pioneering innovations for decades. From the outset, resource efficiency has been deeply embedded in our DNA.

For all its resource efficiency, however, the high-pressure process itself is an energy-intensive technology. Hennecke is therefore constantly working to improve its machines' energy consumption and continually making new advancements and further savings in this area.



Responsibility for our employees and for society

Social aspects are also examined through a wide range of questions. Here Hennecke's employees are the focal point, along with the social responsibility of our business. In addition, fair and ethical dealings in our company as well as in our supply chains are subject to evaluation.

Plastics also play an important role when it comes to career prospects and apprenticeships in the working world. At Hennecke, we attach a great deal of importance to retaining good, skilled staff in the long term. We offer a wide range of stable and long-term career prospects, from forward-looking apprenticeship trades to dual study programs. In order to create the best possible link between theory and practice, we work together with local educational institutions and are one of the companies offering the most traineeships in the local area.

Hennecke GmbH has joined forces with six other local companies and organizations to create the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg Plastics Initiative. With the aim of attracting more participants and support and generating greater public discussion, the Plastics Initiative has its own online presence and social media account, and hosts regular events focused on different aspects of this universal material. One of the priorities of the group is the issue of sustainability, and how, for example, plastics can have a positive impact on CO2 savings and on our daily lives.



Sustainable corporate governance based on guidelines and standards

The focus here is on conformity and compliance with guidelines, laws and standards, for example. This includes certification to the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015, to which Hennecke has been certified since 1997, as well as certification to the energy management system ISO 50001:2018. This category also includes auditing the risk assessment of our supply chain with regards to human rights.

Operating a business sustainably also involves forward-looking planning and long-term stability. This gives security not only to our company but also to our customers, suppliers and other partners. Anyone investing in a Hennecke GROUP metering machine or entire production line can be assured that our company is customer-centered in the long-term, and that our service and retrofit measures will still be available in many years to come.

Further information about the Hennecke GROUP's activities in CSR can be found in the Corporate Corporate Sustainability Report published by Capvis AG.

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