The new ECOPLUS MK2: sustainable, affordable, better

Hennecke, the renowned manufacturer of polyurethane processing technology, has developed a completely reworked generation of high-pressure metering machines and is presenting the first model of the series, the ECOPLUS MK2. The cost-efficient starter model provides an easy introduction to Hennecke's quality high-pressure metering for largely manual polyurethane production, without compromising on mixing quality, raw material efficiency and digitalization.

Hennecke is reworking its portfolio of stand-alone high-pressure metering systems. As well as making a number of noticeable optimizations to the machine layout, development focused on factors such as sustainability, resource utilization, energy consumption and data integration. The machine manufacturer is presenting the sum total of all these benefits - which will be successively implemented for all metering systems, from entry level to high-end machines - as the 'MK2 – NEXT-GEN Metering Machine'. The ECOPLUS MK2, the entry-level model in the world of Hennecke high-pressure solutions, is the first of these. "We have focused on long-term and sustainable customer benefits with the highest quality at a favorable price," says Jens Winiarz, Senior Sales Director at Hennecke, explaining the advantages of the new ECOPLUS generation. The ECOPLUS MK2 has therefore been revised from the ground up to achieve higher performance at a lower purchase price. Despite the entry-level machine's attractive starting price, the focus is on the highest quality in all crucial elements: the mixhead, metering line and automation are all new developments with many detail improvements, but still based on renowned high-end variants.

All high-quality parts

The ECOPLUS MK2 combines new, innovative machine components which offfer many benefits to the user with well known, tried-and-tested modules. The metering pump, for example, is the company's latest in-house development: the recently introduced HX model. Hennecke has used its years of polyurethane processing experience to develop its own highly specialized pump, the first in the industry to be designed exclusively for polyurethane applications. The groundbreaking HX metering pump is significantly more pressure-resistant, quieter and more energy-efficient. In addition, integrated sensor technology provides the user with extensive information when required, as well as support such as predictive maintenance to ensure optimum availability.

For the mixhead, various sizes of the MT-E series are used, which was only introduced to the market last year. It offers the perfect balance of functional operability and the high-performance design features of the MT-A series. The MT-E mixhead is suitable for both open shot and docked processing of polyurethane materials and is available in three sizes. Of course, the latest Hennecke injector generation is also included with the FIXJET or FLEXJET SL models – another highlight in this price segment.

The ECOPLUS MK2 is controlled by the latest SIMATIC platform components. Here, too, without compromising on quality. The high-resolution, premium HMI with powerful CPU is home to a completely new and intuitive visualization system, which Hennecke calls FOAMATIC. It provides the operator with maximum performance and fast access for a wide range of applications. Thanks to optional remote HMI functionality, the FOAMATIC allows the user interface to be 'mirrored' on almost any network-compatible device with a display. This includes smartphones and tablets as well as large monitors for monitoring production. This not only makes control more convenient, but – depending on the production scenario – also much more efficient and safe.

Attractive price with short delivery time

The systems can be produced faster and more cost-effectively thanks to the standardization of components, the cross-product use of common parts and pre-defined equipment options. For customers, this means that the basic price for the entry-level ECOPLUS MK2 machine is noticeably reduced. In addition, customers benefit from a significantly faster production time. This halves the delivery time for an ECOPLUS MK2 from 16-20 weeks to around eight weeks. The equipment options on offer are rooted in the international Hennecke GROUP's many years of market experience and will feel tailor-made for the majority of customers.

"The new ECOPLUS MK 2 doesn't simply replace its predecessor. With the pioneering equipment features in this customer segment, we are also addressing completely new markets," reports Winiarz. This machine is optimally designed for numerous applications in mostly manual polyurethane production, where the highest product quality is paramount, and where the raw material system must be utilized to the maximum. "We don't just provide a cost-efficient high-pressure solution, but rather a Hennecke high-pressure solution. A difference that is noticeable every day," says Winiarz. In order to better meet the needs of customers in the targeted segment, Hennecke is also changing the sales process for the new generation of metering machines, providing its customers with an easier and faster selection and ordering process. The optimum configuration for the application can be selected and ordered with just a few details. All that is needed is standardized information about the raw material system and the relevant temperatures, as well as the shot time and the minimum and maximum shot weight.

Energy savings thanks to Blue Intelligence

Another advantage for users, explains Winiarz, is the long-term effect of the quality: On the one hand, Hennecke systems have a long service life, and on the other hand, they are significantly more energy-efficient thanks to the standard use of Hennecke Blue Intelligence technology. At Hennecke, Blue Intelligence encompasses all the measures serving to enhance the sustainability of production systems. In the case of the ECOPLUS MK2, this includes energy use when no shot is called, the automatically determined pump lead time, and efficient pumps that are more raw material-efficient due to improved temperature management. Depending on the individual production scenario, savings of up to 60% can be made.

"The ECOPLUS MK2 is an affordable machine system for beginners which doesn't compromise on quality and represents the perfect introduction to our NEXT-GEN world of high-pressure mixing technology," says Jens Winiarz, summarizing the advantages of the new development. The next model of the NEXT-GEN product generation, the HIGHLINE MK2, will be introduced in fall 2022, followed by the TOPLINE MK2 in 2023. Both systems will set new standards in polyurethane processing. Anyone interested in the future of Hennecke's high-pressure metering machines can find out more at this year's K trade show in Düsseldorf.

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