Highly efficient, precise, long-lasting, and now 'smart' too - the new Hennecke mixhead and injector portfolio

A total of three new mixhead series and a more optimized line-up in injector technology provide Hennecke’s customers with optimal solutions for every application. At this year's FAKUMA, the polyurethane specialist from the German Rhineland is putting the spotlight on its new smart MT-A mixhead series. Application experts for virtually every PU application area will help prospective buyers to identify the right model for all conceivable and inconceivable product ideas.

The launch of the MT-A series in 2020 provided yet more proof of Hennecke's leading position in the high-pressure mixhead sector. The new generation of efficient deflection mixhead with biaxial inclined injectors share the trusted design of the successful MT series, but are made of further enhanced materials and first-class surface coatings which provide for high durability, even under difficult production conditions and when using demanding chemical systems. The option of smart sensor technology offers an additional feature which is a prerequisite for applications associated with topics in Industry 4.0. Since its premiere, the MT-A series has been fully perfected and replaces the MT models in almost all standard applications. The MT-A is included in the standard scope of delivery for Hennecke's TOPLINE HK, MICROLINE and HIGHLINE metering machines. As the MT-A mixheads are largely compatible with the previous models, customers can take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by the smart reflection mixhead in their production without any additional retrofitting. The well-established MT series continues to be used for a range of special applications as well as for very small and extremely large outputs.

Another new edition to the Hennecke mixhead portfolio is the MT-E series, which was specially developed for the Hennecke ECOPLUS metering machines. The MT-E mixheads offer the perfect balance of simple and functional operability with the high-performance design features of the MT-A series. The foaming process is controlled directly on the mixhead using the intuitive and robust control panel. The suspension of the mixhead is weight balanced at all times, both with horizontal and vertical mounting.

Our injector technology sector has also undergone decisive developments which fulfil the requirements of modern polyurethane systems in terms of metering accuracy, mixing quality and service life of the components, now better than ever before. Even at first glance, the new nomenclature provides for greater clarity within the different model families. This includes for example the FIXJET injectors for largely manual two-component applications and the FLEXJET constant pressure injectors. The latter are available in a spring-loaded version (SL) and - the latest development - in a gas-loaded version (GL) with two configuration levels. The FLEXJET GL SINGLE is designed particularly for automated two-component applications, while the FLEXJET GL has an additional hydraulic activation and effortlessly masters technically demanding tasks for multi-component applications.

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