Top performance by our Hennecke trainees in 2021

Eight new trainees made a start to their careers on 1st September 2021, which coincided with the fifth anniversary of our training center opening at the Sankt Augustin site. The quality of teaching and the achievements of our trainees are continuously outstanding - for the second time in a row, Hennecke has been named best training workplace in the Rhine-Sieg district, and this year, two trainees were even rated among the best in their professional category for the cohort. Many congratulations!

As part of their modular training system, our trainees are currently programming a Siemens S7-1200 PLC automation system using a constructed table-top 'factory'. They have also been working on the professional restoration of an old Hennecke metering machine which can now be admired once again at the Sankt Augustin site. The restoration work included using a 3D printer to produce new threads and missing covers to return the machine to its original condition. The young talents gained an interesting insight into new production technologies. Click here for more information.

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