• Transparent and resistant polyurethane coatings for decorative applications

CLEARRIM technology

Transparent and resistant polyurethane coatings for decorative applications

A tried-and-tested field of application of polyurethane is the surface finishing of parts e.g. by coating them with transparent PU systems using the RIM process (Reaction Injection Moulding). Hennecke's CLEARRIM technology provides an innovative concept combined with the suitable machine technology for producing parts with high-quality and functional surfaces in a surprisingly efficient way. It focuses on the use of a thin polyurethane layer by which thermoplastic support elements or support elements with natural surfaces are effectively finished. This allows users to achieve scratchproof, resistant high-quality surface structures for decorative parts in the automotive and furniture industries or for countless other decor elements. CLEARRIM is also ideally suited for a combination with other processing techniques. The best example is the advanced process development resulting from an exclusive cooperation with ENGEL Co.: clearmelt® technology.

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