• Production of CO2-blown polyether-based foams

NOVAFLEX® technology

Production of CO2-blown polyether-based foams

Since being introduced in 1995, the patented NOVAFLEX® technology has established itself as an industry standard in the continuous production of slabstock. Today, over 100 NOVAFLEX® systems are in use across the world. The technology replaces standard blowing agents such as CFCs or methylene chloride with CO2. It thus not only makes sense from an ecological point of view but also in terms of cost since CO2 is considerably less expensive than other blowing agents and in additon has a higher blowing effect. And there are no disadvantages when it comes to quality: NOVAFLEX® foams distinguish themselves through their particularly fine-celled and uniform pore structure. The result is excellent even with flexible foams that have a low density of 14-15 kg/m³.

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