• The key to precise metering, reproducibility and efficiency

The Hennecke pump portfolio for high-pressure applications

The key to precise metering, reproducibility and efficiency

As the global market leader in polyurethane processing technology, Hennecke is entrusted with giving its customers highly specialized solutions, including of course pump technology. Here the focus is on making production even more competitive through Hennecke mixing and metering technology. Particularly for high-pressure polyurethane processing, Hennecke customers can rely on a wide range of first-class metering pumps in different series, perfectly matched to the application and especially to the required output.

HX series All-New

Hennecke's new HX pump series, an in-house development, marks an important milestone in polyurethane processing: It is the very first axial piston pump to be produced exclusively for polyurethane applications. Here development focused on creating a precise, highly efficient, and future-fit metering line. The HX series is impressive thanks to its remarkably efficient heat dissipation, increased pressure resistance in open circulation, and enhanced suction, particularly with highly viscous polyols. It also features state-of-the-art sensor technology with both the pressure and the temperature control integrated directly into the pump housing. The new HX also scores points for sustainability. The increased efficiency of the pump is ultimately conveyed through an optimized energy balance in the entire system. Chemical systems using bio-based and recycled content polyols can be processed easily too.

Sizes available1   HX06, HX12, HX28
Technical Data2
Safety pressure:   320 bar
Maximum permitted pre-pressure:   16 bar
Viscosity range:   up to 8,000 mPas
Flow rate:   25 cm3/s – 770 cm3/s

HQ series

Low weight, quiet operation and superior efficiency are just some of the advantages of Hennecke's HQ axial piston pumps in bent-axis design. The pump's continuous regulation ensures excellent metering accuracy and high-grade, reproducible foam quality. The pump housing contains just a small number of component parts, making it very compact and easy to service. Thanks to these features, the HQ series is ideal for retrofitting to older Hennecke systems with HL pumps3.

Sizes available1   HQ12, HQ28, HQ55, HQ107
Technical Data2
Safety pressure:   315 bar
Maximum permitted pre-pressure:   10 bar
Viscosity range:   up to 2,000 mPas
Flow rate:   54 cm3/s – 3,000 cm3/s

HP series

HP axial piston pumps have been well established in polyurethane processing for decades. Thanks to a long service life, great spare part availability and comparatively inexpensive purchase and operating cost, the HP series is a particularly economical choice for a wide range of common applications. HP pumps are not only suitable for processing PU chemicals - in a special version they are also deployed for resin/curing agent systems based on epoxy, which are used for example in fiber-reinforced components.

Sizes available1   HP2, HP6, HP11, HP33, HP62
Technical Data2
Safety pressure:   250 bar
Maximum permitted pre-pressure:   16 bar
Viscosity range:   up to 2,000 mPas
Flow rate:   2,5 cm3/s – 1,400 cm3/s

1 The size details refer to the pump output volume per rotation in cubic centimeter (rounded).
2 The technical data are standardized values. Deviations may occur depending on the technical equipment or configuration of the dosing machine.
3 The HL series was officially discontinued in 2019.

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