• Systems technology for the automated production of insulated door elements for refrigeration appliances


Systems technology for the automated production of insulated door elements for refrigeration appliances

ROTAMAT polyurethane foaming lines are the consistent implementation of the industry's demands for a highly automated, discontinuous production of insulated polyurethane door elements. ROTAMAT lines are mainly used for insulating door elements with rigid PU foam (e.g. in refrigeration equipment or air handling units). Another potential use is the manufacture of insulated polyurethane panels for varied applications. In ROTAMAT systems, the mould carriers rotate around the horizontal axis in a cyclical turning motion. In the operating station, the mould carrier is opened via a rocker after it has been unlocked. The operator removes the foamed door and inserts the new sheet metal door and inliner. The large opening angle of the mould carrier ensures ergonomic loading and unloading. Before starting the foaming operation, the lower part of the mould carrier is swung back into the horizontal position. The drum switches to the next position after the foam has automatically been poured into the open mould; the turning movement closes the mould carrier. Hennecke's expertise in this field guarantees the user efficient raw material utilization combined with low energy consumption. Moreover, the lines require much less space than rotary table systems and allow an extremely quick mould change.

All ROTAMAT door foaming lines at a glance


Highly automated and raw material-efficient production of insulated door elements

Tailored to meet your individual production requirements, ROTAMAT EF lines are equipped with five, six, seven or eight mould carrier places. When using highly reactive foam systems, quick rotational movement is necessary because the mould carrier is also closed by this operation. A suitably...

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Efficient production of insulated door elements

ROTAMAT EM Polyurethane foaming lines enable the efficient production of insulated polyurethane door elements at an excellent price-performance ratio. The EM version is driven exclusively by low-noise and virtually maintenance-free electric motors. Among other things, a new design enables a...

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